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The meaning of the German coinage “Wuschelparadies”

is a paradise for long haired Dogs... call it in English:

Let me introduce our idea behind being Dog-Breeders for Tibetan Terriers

The Shaggy-Paradise is a place where long-haired dogs feel comfortable. Our little house in the North/West of Germany meets all requirements - inside and outside the plant - to fulfill the regulations for breeding dogs inside VDH who is the leading representative of the interests of all dog owners in Germany. In addition to dog breeders we are especially dog owners. Therefore it is natural for us that our dogs are part of our family and will not mainly held for enlarge their population. Our female dogs gets not occupied more than three times in their live-time and usually they get two years rest period between to be beloved dog in our Shaggy-Paradise. We place special care for choose the best stud-dog. In our point of view - next to health and genetic conditions - is his lovely character the pivotal question and not so much his wonnen awards. Our favoured passion is to socialize the little puppies to permit them the best possible start into a long and happy dog's life. So we put with a lot of fun a plenty of time and great energy into our rearing. Especially in the early conditioning phase of our puppies ... More Info in German and a plenty of multilingual pictures
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Since 2012 we are Members in KTR, which is one of the biggest and oldest International Club of Tibetan Kennel